REAL MUMS #3 – Up Close with Dollie Solanki

Hey loved ones….

Its another Friday… and time to meet another “real mum”.

Pardon me for not regularly posting in this space… I am quite tied up at the work front 😦

That apart, I look forward to do this post every Friday…. and hope its the same at your end too! 🙂

Without much ado, let’s catch up with the mum for today – Dollie Solanki, sharing her thoughts on being the mum she is!

How did you find out about your pregnancy and how did your partner react to it? 

Both my pregnancies somehow coincided with weddings in the family (which is why I feel scared when there’s a wedding in the family…cant handle a third child…lol :D). So I didn’t really pay attention when I was a couple of days overdue on my period. But a week later, I got the test done and it turned out to be positive.  Hubby and I both were obviously thrilled. The first time, we thought we should start a family and it happened that very month! The second was an accident, but the loveliest, brattiest accident ever 😀

What foods did you crave during your pregnancy?

None!!! I actually felt disappointed that I didn’t have any cravings during either pregnancy. No occasion where I could make hubby run in the middle of the night for anything… I did eat loads of chocolates both times, but then I’ve always been a chocoholic.

What has been the best experience in your pregnancy?

Feeling  the baby kick and move inside me…that has got to be the most magical feeling ever. That you have a little life inside you which is kicking and moving around in its snug, dark bedroom inside you…it’s just magic.

Any bad experience you recall from your pregnancy?

I’ve been very lucky (touchwood) to have two beautiful and hassle-free pregnancies and normal deliveries. The second one was slightly more challenging since my mom-in-law was unwell, I had a four year old to look after and train for school interviews etc. But healthwise, no issues.

What did you become extra careful about?

Haha…nothing! I lived as normally as I did before getting pregnant. Went out, ate streetside junk food and was as active as ever. During the second one I did have to be a bit careful with my older son whenever he hugged me too tight or wanted to sit in my lap or sleep next to me.

What aspects of your old life do/did you miss – being pregnant or being a parent?

Impromptu, off season holidays, all night partying…and my 24 inch waist. Holidays now are planned affairs and are during the peak season when all places are crowded. But there’s no other option since we can travel only when the schools have their vacations. And with the widening of the pelvic bone during pregnancy, there’s no way I can ever get my waist down to 24 inches 🙂

How do/did like your bump? You think you look sexier with one?

I loved it. Thankfully, most of the weight I put on was on my tummy so I was quite slender overall and loved how I looked with my bump.


What has been your favorite way to relax?

Reading, reading, reading. But I didn’t listen to people when they told me not read fiction or to read only religious stuff. I read all the thrillers and chicklit I wanted to.

How do you think pregnancy/parenting has changed you as an individual?

I have reserves of patience that I never knew existed within me! I have also become more creative with story telling to ensure that my kids eat what I want them to (eg you know the yellow Power Ranger loves this yellow khichdi and that’s what makes him so strong). I never thought I would be such a hands on mom doing every single thing myself for the kids.

How do you think pregnancy/parenting has changed you as a couple?

Not really. Of course, conversations now revolve more around the kids and holidays are more kid-centered rather than romantic but then hubby and I take time out once a week to go out on a “date”.

Was your partner with you during labor?

Yup…all through it, both times.  Which makes me kinda jealous that after all my pains and labour, he got to see the baby’s face before I could.

Do you discuss parenting with your partner?

No. Never felt the need to discuss things. (touchwood) we’re both on the same wavelength most of the times. Though he does tell me that I need to be a little less of a disciplinarian at times :p

What is the most memorable thing your partner did for you when you were pregnant?

Convinced my in-laws to let us go to Thailand for our babymoon during my first pregnancy. Most Indians of their generation feel that one shouldn’t travel during pregnancy, especially not international. But when my gynaec gave the go-ahead, he convinced the parents and off we went 😀

me n boys

What is your 2 cents to expecting mums/ new parents out there?

Enjoy the experience and be as active as you can be. It is a beautiful phase of life, not an illness that you need to be overly-careful and finicky (unless it’s a difficult pregnancy). Being a new parent is an exhausting, frustrating and yet exhilarating experience so enjoy it all…even the pee and the poop!! Coz a couple of years later, you’ll look back at those moments and smile. Or you’ll tell your kids amusing stories of the stuff they did as babies.

What kind of support system you had during your tough times?

Being in a joint family is a big help post delivery as is having your mom live nearby. I would drop elder son off at mom’s house while hubby and I went for a quiet dinner. During second delivery, hubby and in-laws managed all the school and class drops and pickups for elder son, so I didn’t have to worry about all that.

A Crappy Mom says – 

Loved reading about your pregnancy & parenting experience, Dollie! 🙂 Can’t agree more with you on being not finicky about things during pregnancy & the support system our Indian families provide! You look gorgeous in both the pics.

To everyone reading this post, Dollie needs no introduction! She owns the blog Indian Shringar. Most importantly she is one dashing mom to two lovely brats (as she likes to call them) – Jai (8 yrs) & Arjun (3 yrs). She has a captivating & charming smile & one avid book reader! (wish I boost back my reading habit too someday!) 😀

Ciao for now.. Keep coming back to this space for more mommy & baby stuff! 😀


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