REAL MUMS #2 – Up Close With Gayatri Acharya Brown

Hey all…. Its Friday & time to meet another “real mum”.

Bringing to you… Gayatri Acharya Brown – who shares her pregnancy & parenting story with us today in this space!

Here we go with the rapid fire round… 😀

How did you find out about your pregnancy and how did your partner react to it?

When I found out I was pregnant, there were mixed emotions from happiness to worry to utter chaos in my mind.

I was late and decided to take a test at home on a strip, for one I did not believe in the test, because there are chances of a false positive. And we had been trying for a long time with no results, so I was not so positive about the result.

I did not tell my husband for over a week, and when I did, of course after a blood test, he was ecstatic but since we had a miscarriage before worry took over our happiness.

What foods did you crave during your pregnancy?

I ate truck loads of waffles.  Crepe Station became my second home  🙂

What has been the best experience in your pregnancy?

Had to be the pampering !! Everyone around me wanted me to be comfortable. The part I loved the best was demanding what I wanted and my husband would move heaven and hell to get me what I wanted.

Any bad experience you recall from your pregnancy?

The only bad experience I went through was Gestational Diabetes, I had to give myself Insulin shots before every meal.  Otherwise, I enjoyed every bit of my pregnancy !!

What did you become extra careful about?

My sugar intake because of the Gestational diabetes.  I was also scared of travelling.

What aspects of your old life do/did you miss – being pregnant or being a parent?

I just miss not having enough time for work. Although I’m self employed but handling a salon,  going on make-up assignments,  making products for my line GIA  and taking care of  my girl does not leave much alone time. But there is nothing more important than my little angel.

I am proud to say, I manage things beautifully.

How do/did you like your bump? You think you look sexier with one?

People swore I had twins, sometimes even I would ask the doctor if he missed seeing the other baby. I was huge and did not feel sexy one bit.  🙂

It was the gestational diabetes to blame, but I felt completely right from the time I was pregnant.


What has been your favorite way to relax?

I would soak my feet in warm water and catch a movie. That’s the only way I felt relaxed during my pregnancy.

How do you think pregnancy/parenting has changed you as an individual?

I have definitely become more patient and calm. ( But I think I’m fighting a losing battle, because my daughter is in the tantrum phase, she is 3 )

How do you think pregnancy/parenting has changed you as a couple?

Nothing much has changed and I am glad, my husband and I have been together for 10 long years and it still feels like yesterday.  We definitely have grown closer. I daresay in this day and age, a child really does complete a family.

Was your partner with you during labor?

I had a planned C-Section, because of the diabetes and high blood pressure issues. My  husband was allowed inside the Operation Theatre. I was too sedated to realize he was even around 🙂

Do you discuss parenting with your partner?

We make decisions together on the things we teach our daughter and how we are going to handle issues like her tantrums, questions etc.  There is always the Good Cop, Bad Cop game to be played.


What is the most memorable thing your partner did for you when you were pregnant?

My husband would very happily do everything I asked. He would give me a foot and back rub everyday in the last few months before delivery.  He never left my side in the last few months.

What is your 2 cents to expecting mums/ new parents out there?

For expecting mums- Enjoy all this free time you have, life will change but it will be beautiful.

For New Parents- Be patient with your kids, they love testing waters and checking who breaks. There will be times when you want to pull your hair out, breath and tell yourself “this will pass”. Take one day at a time.

What kind of support system you had during your tough times?

My husband is my rock ! I moved to my parents place while in my 7th month (with my husband) 🙂

My parents took care of me and all of my whims and fancies!! I am a spoilt child in the family. Post the 8th month it does get tough and you really get fed up, literally !! Being with my family made things easy.

A Crappy Mom says –

I can totally understand it should be tough to deal with gestational diabetes. And how lovely these husbands turn out when we are pregnant, and back to square one afterwards? 😛

Gayatri, mom to 3 yr. old Gia – owns & runs the renowned “Gia Bath & Body Works” brand of handmade personal care products. She also manages her own salon in Mumbai. You gotta check out her products for their amazing designs & ingredients..totally droolworthy!

I shall catch you all soon in another blog post.. Stay tuned! 🙂



  1. Gayatri, i need to learn time management from you! It is seriously amazing how you manage to do it all. Loved reading about you 🙂


  2. amazing Gayatri… you are one enthusiastic soul I met on Facebook.. Lil Gia is adorable.. loved reading your story Gayatri.

    More power to you woman!!!



  3. amazing Gayatri… one enthusiastic soul I met on Facebook.. Lil Gia is adorable.. loved reading your story Gayatri.

    More power to you woman!!!



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