How to make #easy & #kidsafe #DIY #Holi colors

Happy Holi everyone! I hope you are having great fun with friends and family this day that marks the arrival of spring!

I personally don’t play/celebrate Holi but being the mom of a 3-year old boy, it’s on me to educate and make him understand various facets of Indian festival, the good, bad and all that blah to him!

So we did play Holi this time, but not with store-bought chemical colors that are both not skin-friendly or eco-friendly! Above all they are not kid safe – I can’t imagine those powders getting into the kids eyes/ears/mouth and creating unnecessary trouble to kids/pets in the name of celebrations!

So what did we do? Made our own holi colors with two easy ingredients readily available at home.

Here you go..


All purpose flour (Maida) – 1 cup

Preferred food grade color powder – 1 container

Food color powders in India come in small containers of 10g-20g which is apt for use.


Just mix both ingredients together and store them in labelled packets. Your DIY Holi color is ready!

You can choose from a variety of food grade colors – red, pink, orange red, yellow, blue, green, etc. You get these in all general stores or supermarkets easily.

You would be surprised to see that the color actually doesn’t show up after mixing. Because its magical! 😀

Just take some the holi powder in a bowl and mix some water to make a paste and there you go with glorious colors to play Holi with! Being a paste, it doesn’t get blown into kid’s eyes or ears and harm them!

Add more water and put this in a pichkari (holi water gun) and you are all set to play!





This DIY holi powder is skin-friendly, eco-friendly, hair-friendly, pet-friendly, stain-free and above all KID SAFE! Nothing happens to your little one, even if it accidentally gets a little into his/her mouth.

I am not saying food colors are all good here, but atleast you know what has gone into making these colors.

By stain-free, I meant it doesn’t stain your hair or skin – only the palms temporarily when you play Holi. Stains on the cloth get removed easily – you don’t have to end up throwing away your after-Holi clothes or get tired washing your favorite kurta anymore!

This DIY Holi color powder can be the best option for Indians living abroad wanting to play Holi – no more hunting down an Indian store that sells Holi colors or be bewildered about going to office/school next day in embarassment in funny colors!

I hope you all loved this post! Do share your thoughts in the comments below and let me know what other DIY you would like to know/see here.



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