#BabyDoveIndia is here!

Baby Dove launched their range of baby care products in India recently, after a round of huge success abroad. An official launch event was held in Taj Krishna, Hyderabad on Oct 13, 2016.

Established Tamil/Telugu cine actor Sneha Prasanna, also mom to one-year old boy, unveiled and launched the products officially, flanked by Dr. Varkha Chulani, leading clinical psychologist  and Dr. Uday Pai, Ex-President of Indian Academy of Paediatrics (IAP).


There was a very interactive session at the event too, where the above personalities discussed and answered queries that mothers, journalists from the audience had on parenting, depression, societal and other pressures on a mom. Some good food followed!

Dove is advocating the “Real Moms” as their brand philosophy, where they encourage every mom to “trust their way” and re-assure there is no “right or wrong way” in parenting/baby care.

Sneha shared her personal experiences over pregnancy, workout, depression and weight loss, whereas the renowned doctors recommended the best way to deal with each of these effortlessly for every mom out there.

Dove has been a trusted brand for women for years together now and with the launch of Baby Dove now, the brand shall win the hearts of many mothers too!

The baby care range out and out concentrates on retaining required moisture on tender baby skin and also to retain pH balance at the same time.

The products are very affordably priced since every mom and child deserve the best.

Baby Dove product range is priced at-

  • Baby Dove Bars– INR 27 (50 gm) & INR 48 (75 gm)  for both rich moisture and sensitive range
  • Baby Dove Lotion– INR 180 (200 ml)
  • Baby Dove Diaper Rash Cream– INR 210 (45 gm)
  • Baby Dove Wipes– INR 210 (50 sheets)

As you see the bathing bar is available in two variants – rich moisture for normal skin and another for sensitive skin.

Being a mom myself to a 3-yr old tiny tot, I am very careful of the products I use on my kid and I am really looking forward to try Baby Dove products on my boy since he has dry skin and this range is quite promising on the hydration factor!

Moreover, the “Real Moms” philosophy appeals to me so much, since I am someone who “trusts my way” in every deed I do for my child. My mother instincts very clearly tell me all the time that – I can only do good to my child and nothing else or less!

Incidentally, the interactive series of posts we did for the blog with some famous blogger friends of mine is also termed “Real Mums”! 😀

Stay tuned to Baby Dove product reviews coming up real soon on the blog!

Leaving you with clicks from the launch event…always do “trust your way”!









Real Moms –  A Crappy Mom with actor Sneha


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