#MamaEarth #Organic Bamboo Based Wipes Review

mama earth organic bamboo wet wipes review

MamaEarth is a brand that is making waves in the mom & baby skincare industry. A lot of their skin and hair care products are women favorites, who trusted MamaEarth for their babies too later.

Today the review is on a revolutionary product in the Indian market – organic, bamboo based skincare wipes for our little ones.


mama earth organic bamboo wet wipes review

Wet wipes are something I use on a daily basis, not just on my kid but on myself too.

My kid is a school goer now – so no diaper or dribble woes for me, but he does tend to get dirty quite a bit with all that busy playing and touching various things around all the time.

His hygiene is my primary concern and I ensure he wipes himself down well and his toys too, to avoid any kind of infection.

Also my boy has dry, sensitive skin that can get quickly irritated. I always ensure I buy soft wet wipes that are fragrance & alcohol free for him. I also end up using wet wipes to clean my hands after using the laptop or arranging things and sometimes to remove makeup after a long day too. I want something that won’t be harsh on my skin/face and with a soothing effect.

And here is how MamaEarth fits the bill perfectly –


Did you know that your regular wet wipe are made of POLYESTER, that takes a lot of time to degrade in the soil? Also it can irritate your or your baby’s skin easily owing to its texture. This is something I got to know only after I tried MamaEarth Organic Bamboo based Wipes.

These wipes are actually bamboo cloth that are made from organic bamboo fiber. By using them, you are not only doing good for yourself but also a little for Mother Earth!

The quality is amazing – they have nice thickness and soft texture. They are of the regular size like other wet wipes.


These wet wipes are loaded with Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Vegetable Glycerine, Aloe Vera extract, Panthenol (Vit. B5) – all of which are excellent emollients and skin protectants.

I had felt Baby Dove Wipes were not wet enough for use, but I don’t have that issue with these. These wipes have not irritated either my boy’s skin or mine so far.


It has no artifical fragrance or additives included and has only lavender oil in its ingredients – which provides the natural relaxing fragrance and is also a renowned skin soother.

It has a rather strong fragrance but smells natural. The fragrance hits once you pull off the wipe from the pack, but kind of subsides while using.


There is no alcohol content in these wipes for a preservative. Bamboo inherently is anti-microbial and anti-bacterial in nature and Potassium Sorbate is the only preservative used. Potassium Sorbate, by the way is a food grade preservative that is used in most of our juice concentrate, jams, ready-to-eat food, etc. Even in some natural skincare too!

D-Gluconic Acid Lactone – another ingredient used in these wipes instead of alcohol, is a food grade preservative and acidifier.

With regular wipes the skin feels fresh and hydrated after use, over time it makes the skin dry and taut. With MamaEarth wipes, I do not see that happening and my boy’ skin continues to look moisturised for a longer time.


Disodium CocoamphoacetateDecyl Glucoside are natural cleansing and foaming agents and the ones used in this product are derived from coconut oil.

These wipes are dermatologically tested for allergens and toxins and certified that the Organic Bamboo used is hypoallergenic and toxin-free.

It removes dirt very well and even my makeup to very good extent!


Apart from the above listed ones, the wipes are not bleached and do not contain any mineral oil, sulphates, parabens, chlorine, dye, any kind of petrochemical or POLYESTER!

mama earth organic bamboo wet wipes review

mama earth organic bamboo wet wipes review

mama earth organic bamboo wet wipes review

Mee Mee Wet Wipes

These wipes are perfect for your loved one’s skin and also yours! It gives immense satisfaction that you are doing a little bit from your end by not dumping more plastic derivative products in this Earth, however little may be the effort!

PRICE – INR 249 for 72 wipes


One might find this pricey, when you are in no dearth of cheap options in the market today – but money ain’t that precious in comparison to skincare or “Mama Earth”!

PR Sample. Honest Review.

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