The Chicken Pox Blue Book Vol. 3 – The Herbal Bath

Here is another chapter in our – Chicken Pox Blue Book!

I have already mentioned that in India, when a person is infected with chicken pox, it is considered that Goddess Durga has come to reside in him/her.

In keeping up with the same belief, neem leaves which are auspicious to the Goddess are kept around the place where the infected person stays & also in the entrance of the house.

Not just this! The person is given a herbal bath with neem once he/she recovers from chicken pox.

Even if not taken under the premises of Indian tradition & beliefs, neem is a universally renowned anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory agent!

What is the herbal bath?

The blisters that popped during chicken pox might take about 10-15 days to crust and dry completely. Until then one is not supposed to take bath, which might cause the blisters to break and cause disease spreading & secondary infection too.

Once the blisters dry, one is suggested to take this medicated herbal bath in India.


1. Boil water with neem leaves.

2. Let the water cool down to room temperature.

3. Add some turmeric powder to the water.

Use this water to take bath after chicken pox. Do not use any kind of soap, shower gel or shampoo on your skin & scalp.

You might considering taking this herbal bath on alternate days until all your rashes crust & wither away.

Herbal paste

Soak neem leaves in water & make a paste of it with some turmeric.

Apply this paste all over your body, concentrating on the rashes – before taking bath. Care is to be taken not to rub harshly against the rashes.

Turmeric is another renowned anti-inflammatory & antiseptic agent. Its has healing properties on the skin as well.


For atleast a week after your rashes have crusted and started scabbing,  use this herbal bath method along with the herbal neem paste.


You can then start off using a mild shampoo & gentle soap for your hair & skin.

Only when the skin has returned back to normalcy, you are supposed to start using body lotions, creams or scrubs. Not on wounded or healing skin!

Have your heard or practised this herbal bath before? Drop in your comments below…

– A Crappy Mom

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