REAM MUMS #1 – Up Close With Nids Gautam

Hey all…

I am back as promised with a new feature here in the blog – REAL MUMS!

It is going to Β be a weekly feature going forward – you get to meet a real mum every Friday – catching up with them – who are gonna share their pregnancy & parenting experience with us right here in this space! πŸ™‚

First up is NIDS GAUTAM – a yummy mummy, who is personally a very dear friend of mine! I had to start this series with her, isn’t it? πŸ˜€

So, here you go with her personal experience on pregnancy & parenting…

How did you find out about your pregnancy and how did your partner react to it?

A woman always gets a hint once she knows she is expecting and doing a pregnancy test at home at the right time confirms it. The same happened with me and of course, my husband who is crazy about kids was super happy to know about the fact that he is going to be a Father soon.


What foods did you crave during your pregnancy?

I craved more for sweets like Rasmalai, Gujia, Laddoos, Ice-creams and even chocolates. Well, at times I loved to have pani-puri or some spicy chat too. That depended on the mood.


What has been the best experience in your pregnancy?

The extra care and attention I received from everyone, especially my husband was one thing I really loved. I always got my wishes granted at that time.


Any bad experience you recall from your pregnancy?

Nothing that I can recall. My pregnancy went on quite well.


What did you become extra careful about?

Not slipping. Yeah, I got extra careful about the way I walked or sat or slept. I was sort of quite careless for all such small details previously.


What aspects of your old life do/did you miss – being pregnant or being a parent?

A person is too carefree when she is on her own. I had absolutely no restrictions related to going out with friends or regarding my job, the timings and all before I became a mother. Having my little one to care for, my lifestyle sort of changed completely. I sometimes miss being that irresponsible types πŸ˜›


How do/did like your bump? You think you look sexier with one?

Every lady looks absolutely gorgeous with a baby bump. Believe me. And I enjoyed that figure of mine too πŸ˜€


What has been your favorite way to relax?

Sleeping. You don’t get much time to sleep once a kid is there in your home. So steal time for sleeping to get back the energy once again to pamper your kid and run after them.


How do you think pregnancy/parenting has changed you as an individual?

I am more emotional now. I feel vulnerable too, always fearing that my son is safe from just about everything around and yes, my sole purpose is to take care of my family right now – so I have become Β a much more responsible person.


How do you think pregnancy/parenting has changed you as a couple?

As a couple, now the kid always comes first. You would first think about the child than about your spouse. We give most of our time to our kid which was not the case previously.


Was your partner with you during labor?

No. He was more scared than myself during my labor. He left the room at the first instance available πŸ˜€


Do you discuss parenting with your partner?

Yes, why to spare him the torture I go through everyday??!! πŸ˜› So I discuss about my son’s naughtiness with him everyday once he is back from his work.


What is the most memorable thing your partner did for you when you were pregnant?

He cooked food for me once. He was one person who never entered the kitchen even for a glass of water previously – so that was actually quite a pleasant surprise for me.


What is your two cents to expecting mums/ new parents out there?

Just relax. If you are expecting, then take proper rest but also keep your body active by doing day-to-day work throughout your pregnancy period. And new parents should not be scared even if you have never handled a small kid in their life before (like me). Your child would make you learn everything within a few days.


What kind of support system you had during your tough times?

Well, to be honest, nothing! I had taken care of my son all by myself with some help from my husband during the initial days which was the toughest period. Later I went to my mom’s place for a month or so where I took proper rest.

A Crappy Mom says –Β 

How do you manage to look this gorgeous all the time? πŸ˜€ Enjoyed going through your answers! True.. once you have a child, you get to learn so many things all by yourself. True to the words – “Child is the Father of Man!”.

For the record, Nids is one famous beauty blogger and is mom to a lovely 3 yr. old boy – Saatvik! She is an infectious person with her talks & jokes & still hasn’t revealed her secret to remain “pretty” always to me! πŸ˜€


How did you all like meeting one yummy mummy in the first edition of REAL MUMS! Excited about other mums lined up for this series?

Keep checking out this space regularly…. And drop in your suggestions & comments below! πŸ™‚


  1. Loved this feature…and Nids is such a beautiful yummy mummy! She’s right, the carefree life is what we parents miss the most….but it’s all worth it πŸ™‚


  2. OMG!! Nidsy is one pretty lady and her million dollar smile is infectious…Awesome feature Revathy..I love reading through Pregnancy tales…Looking forward to this series πŸ™‚


    1. heheehe.. thanxx Agnii.. dont worry, u r going to be in this feature soon πŸ˜‰ n I know how gorgeous u look in ur pics ❀


  3. thanx for giving me a chance to feature on your blog here Revu & yess, being the first real mum ❀ … love u always revu,.. :-*


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