REAL MUMS #5 – Up Close with Agnibanya Das Poddar

Hey all..

I am glad that I finally could make it to post about another “real mum” today here in the blog!

Usually its “Oh God! Its Friday!” for me rather than TGIF.. coz Friday is when I am supposed to meet my weekly deadlines & deliverables at the office front & have an endless list of meetings to attend & co-ordinate.. Phew!

My office rant never let’s get onboard to welcome another real mum in the block today.. none other than Agnibanya Das Poddar.

Here is what she has to share about her motherhood –

How did you find out about your pregnancy and how did your partner react to it?

I missed my period and I knew something was fishy, because uh,well, we’ve been trying 😉
My husband was in a state of trance, he couldn’t believe it was for real. It was quite funny, and he kept asking me if I was sure…I think he was a little scared too 😛

What foods did you crave during your pregnancy?

SWEETS!!! I have never liked sweets in my ever!! But while I was pregnant, I always wanted to eat chocolates and ice creams.

I remember this one time, when my hubby forgot to put some chocolates in the refrigerator  and I woke up in the middle of night, like around 3 a.m. or something and couldn’t find any chocolates to eat and woke up my hubby and had a huge fight…from that day on, till the day I delivered, my fridge was always stocked up with chocolates 😛

What has been the best experience in your pregnancy?

Can’t recall any one, but I think the first time my baby kicked was one of my most memorable moments. It was a lazy summer afternoon, and I was in my fifth month, and was lying down after a glass of juice , lazily reading a book, when I felt those bubbles for the first time. It was beautiful!! I called up my hubby and my sister and told them. It was then when I realized it was truly happening. There is actually a baby inside of me!

Any bad experience you recall from your pregnancy?

Well, actually yes. And it was quite scary too. We had just moved into a new place, and I didn’t know too many people around, and used to do all my grocery shopping, most of the cleaning and cooking by myself.

So this one afternoon, during my third or fourth month, I was cooking and suddenly I realized I was on the floor with a spatula in my hand and the gas was on with the dish almost burnt. It had so happened that I had collapsed and it was a good 15-20 mins after which I regained consciousness. Thankfully, I wasn’t hurt, and nothing major happened. I never told anyone until my baby finally arrived :/

What did you become extra careful about?

I was careful about my diet!! Extremely cautious, since I wanted to eat well, and still not bloat up. Also, I had some initial complications because of which my doctor had strictly advised against fat rich food, not even too much carbs. So I was off butter,ghee, potatoes, bread , least possible salt and sugar and all other yummy stuff.

My diet had to be rich in minerals and vitamins and proteins so I was eating lean meat, fish and chicken everyday, with more than 4 egg whites and protein supplements like Protinex which I hated, but I just had to. I think it also helped me in a way that I never gained too much fat. 🙂

What aspects of your old life do/did you miss – being pregnant or being a parent?

Haha, that’s a tricky one…Well, when we were only a couple, we would have our lazy days/weekends when I wouldn’t cook, or we’d just cook some random stuff and eat and have fun. NOW, I have to cook all the time because I don’t like to give my kid too much of “bahar ka khana”.  I miss my “no cooking” days sometimes. 🙂

How do/did like your bump? You think you look sexier with one?

I would’ve preferred if my bump was bigger. Pregnancy is the only time in a woman’s life when we all like to see the scale going up, isn’t it?

My bump was quite small comparatively and I was carrying low but I loved it nonetheless. It had my precious little one inside 🙂 I don’t know if I looked sexy or not, but my hubby and my sister always told me that I looked beautiful .


What has been your favorite way to relax?

During pregnancy, I loved to read. And I played a lot of FARMVILLE 😉

How do you think pregnancy/parenting has changed you as an individual?

I am more patient than ever after I became a mother. I was always jumping around from one place to another, but now I can sit still. I have a lot of control on my anger yet I am a lot more emotional than I ever was. I get affected very easily, but I know how to retain my composure. To raise a child, one needs a lot of patience, you have to tolerate tantrums and act according to the moods of kids. But at the end of the end you become a very vulnerable person, any small thing that might hurt your kid makes you anxious. You are always alert, on the lookout, being careless is JUST NOT AN OPTION!

How do you think pregnancy/parenting has changed you as a couple?

As a couple, we were very easy going about our lives, our savings and expenditures, and our outbursts…there was no stopping…We used to take life very casually, and we still do, but with a kid being our responsibility, we know how much is too much. There is a certain level of maturity we have attained in the last few years, right from the time when I conceived. No late night partying, or no going out for long drives at late hours…We get easily affected by small things, and worry easily…a sneeze by the kid and the house is on a “high alert”. No watching F TV and the likes…We’re careful about what we do, say, eat, drink because we know the kid is watching and KIDS learn fast…so you know…

Was your partner with you during labor?

Oh no, but how I wish he was…I went through a long labor which finally ended in a C-Sec and the only time my hubby was there with me was while I was being transported from the labor room to the Operation Theatre, and he was daring enough to wish me a “Happy New Year”, while I could faintly hear firecrackers from outside. I lay like an half dead animal (it already had been more than 16 hrs into labor!) and couldn’t quite respond. 😛

Do you discuss parenting with your partner?

Yes and no…I do it sometimes, but more often than not, I’m the one taking decisions for the kid because my husband usually runs on a super busy schedule, but for major decisions, I seek his guidance and support.

What is the most memorable thing your partner did for you when you were pregnant?

It was not exactly a thing, but I appreciate the fact that he kept up with my mood swings by rarely responding to my angry tantrums. And one day he was like, “I know you’re pregnant, that’s why I am not saying anything back” can’t forget it ..
And ya, he kept my fridge full of chocolates and took me out for ice-creams whenever he could. And then during my last stages of pregnancy, he would just get something for me to eat or drink, so that afterwards he can feel the baby move..hehe, men I tell you…

What is your 2 cents to expecting mums/ new parents out there?

Just take it easy, you will learn with experience…every single thing that you’re supposed to know..A mother is born just when the child is… Enjoy the journey, the small moments, watch you little one smile and you would know what to do next 🙂

What kind of support system you had during your tough times?

My pregnancy was comparatively smooth, my only fear was about not reaching full term because a few friends of mine had the same problems like me, high BP and lots of nausea. I would discuss them with my mother, and my hubby, and sometimes my sister too. Their comforting words made life easy . Halfway through my 8th month, I shifted to my mom’s place and stayed there for 3 months post partum, and my mom-dad, and my hubby would take turns to comfort the baby while I rested between feeds. And no cooking for that time..That was super 😉


A Crappy Mom says – 

Can’t agree more with you on cultivating healthy eating habits in the kid & also about missing long drives & the lazy, casual life 🙂

People, Agnibanya is one hot mom who is bestowed with amazing makeup skills & has a lovely blog of her own – Agnibanya’s Blog. Her 4 yr old Ean, keeps her busy all the time.

And I am grateful to Agni for sharing some private pics of hers just for the blog’s sake which she has never put ever before in public purview! Thanks a ton gal ❤



  1. Hey Agni.. u indeed looked very prettyy… Loved going through your experience.. your words.. 😀

    happyyy Mother’s day.. 😀 😀


  2. Loved reading Agni’s experience..I got so many things like craving for sweet and farmville are similar to what I went through..
    Love the series Revs ❤


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