A casual delivery!

October 25, 2013 – 11:30 am

She was lying on the bed in the ultrasound room. Her husband, mom & mom-in-law were taking a glimpse at her once and next at the door.

They were all waiting for the doctor’s darshan since the past 15 minutes.

“I am not sure if the head is down and in position. Might as well do an ultrasound and confirm”, the doctor had told her earlier. She admired what neatly manicured long nails the doctor had.

She had come with her family prepared for labor and delivery that day – physically, mentally and emotionally. Physiologically – the doctor had to confirm.

The doctor entered the room with the grace only a doctor can have!

“Get admitted, dear. The head is down though not fixed in the pelvis yet. We shall induce labor and see how it goes”, she said handing the fully pregnant woman a tissue to wipe off the cold gel from her tummy.

The magical words “head is down” gave some relief to her and the family on standby and they all said a relieved “Thank you!” in unison.

During her previous weekly routine checkup, the doctor had told to seek admission in the hospital that day so that labor can be induced. And there they are today – waiting in the ultrasound room, eyes fixed on the monitor displaying a grained picture of the baby.

It was only moments until they get to hold it in their arms they all thought. Even the skies seemed to be excited about the arrival of the baby. It had arranged some DJ of lightning and thunder and some rain dance too!

October 25, 2013 – 12:30 pm

She was lying in the observation room along with other expecting mothers. She thought to herself, soon we all will be “mothers” minus the “expecting” and threw a content smile at her tummy.

A nurse had come to check her stats followed by the duty doctor who was supposed to induce labor. The doctor put her gloves on, applied some lubricant gel over them. The doctor’s hand shoved into her placing some capsules of labor inducing hormone.

“We shall be monitoring your progress and continue to induce labor this way every 4 hrs. as long as needed”, the duty doctor said assuring that it is going to be a fruitful path of pain.

Little did she know then that the rest of the day would pass with irregular labor and restless agony.

October 26, 2013 – 4:30 am

After another round of “internal” checkup and labor “inducing”, the duty doctor announced that she was progressing in labor.

By now, she had got fed up of this process and just wanted to have the baby out. Her husband calmed her down and got her some tea to feel better. Of course, with the consent of the duty nurse!

He helped her sit upright in the bed and handed her a paper cup with some steamy cardamom tea to calm down her senses. Husbands will do anything for the wife, until the baby is out!

Both of them had just took a sip of tea, came a screaming voice that of a woman who just delivered followed by a sharp shriek of a newborn.

They could hear the doctor say, “Its a girl. Born at 4:40am. Congratulations!”.

The earth under them had shook with the labor room screams and they exchanged a glance at each other. That said it all!

“Isn’t C-section a viable option for my wife? She cannot bear pain at all”, the husband could be heard speaking to the duty doctor while she sat there upright in her bed, sipping his share of cardamom tea too.

October 26, 2013 – 8:00 am

The chief doctor whom she has been consulting for her pregnancy had come to meet her patients in the observation room.

She had to go through another round of “internal” checkup. She could feel the doctor’s finger nails poking inside her and suddenly a balloon had burst inside and not air but water flowing out of it – out of her actually!

She yelled “You broke my water!” at the doctor, as if the doctor had broken her precious Gucci watch. The chief doctor silenced her with her index finger on her lips and now she understood why the doctor had long nails, that too manicured.

She felt pokey inside again when she thought about the doctor’s nails again. She stopped admiring them.

“She must be 3 cms. by 10. Give her some enema and get her moved to the labor room by 12”, the chief doctor could be heard giving instructions to the doctor on duty that morning in the observation room.

October 26, 2013 – 12:00 pm

“We are moving you to the labor ward. Its a cozy room with a TV. You will feel comfortable there”, the nurse had come to tell her. By now, her uneasiness was top notch with labor pain coming and going – practically irritating her! She wondered if labor pain had mood swings too?!

Once in the labor room, she was “internally” checked again after which the doctor confirmed that she had dilated 3 cms. now.

She suddenly felt a bang in her tummy. It felt like her stomach was about to burst. She felt as if her huge tummy was trying to collapse within itself.

“Where is the epidural? I want it NOW!”, she screamed clasping the side supports of the bed with her fists.

October 26, 2013 – 12:30 pm

“Hi! I am the anaesthesiologist here”, came in a lean, bespectacled guy in his early thirties.

“You can be whatever you want. Where is the epidural please?”, she yelled. For a drama queen who cannot even stand the prick of a needle, labor pain was a game of life and death.

“Let me start with explaining you about epidural”, the man continued.

“I have my information on epidural. Please make yours quick and get ahead with the process”, she cut him off – definitely not amused with the thought of being lectured when her uterus was doing a Rudra Thandav inside.

October 26, 2013 – 4:30 pm

“C’mon, you can do it! Push! Go ahead, push!”, the duty doctor and another consultant doctor kept encouraging her.

She could barely open her eyes but knew that her husband and two other nurses were also inside the labor room. A mute TV was on as well.

“Can you feel the contractions? Just push with force when it starts and continue to push”, the doctor continued pushing her. There came a faint reply, “Yes, I’m trying. I can feel the contractions”.

As she pushed her thoughts drifted back to recall that she has been casually lying down and watching TV sipping some fruit juice after the epidural was administered.

“A prick that drove away hours of pain”, she thought to herself and smiled. “C’mon, PUSH!” came a voice that brought her back to reality.

October 26, 2013 – 4:45 pm

“Congratulations! Its a boy! Born at 4:45 pm”, the doctor said shoving the just born on to the mother’s lap to the excitement of both the mother and father.

The first and the only time when a baby cries and the parents are out of bounds with joy!

The baby boy was promptly taken for newborn tests and screening with the father tagging along. The doctors left the room after suturing her vaginal tears due to delivery. The nurse had gone to get her something to eat.

She was all by herself in the labor room now. A feeling of accomplishment creeped into her. She gasped a sigh of relief and looked for the TV remote to switch channels.

After all, she is a proud mom now to an adorable baby boy!

Enter mom & mother-in-law.

“You don’t look like you have delivered a baby few minutes ago”, the mother-in-law claimed, her jaws dropping. “I’m so glad that everything went well. My small girl’s a mom now!” said her mom with glee.

“Congratulations! We have to inform our friends and relatives now”, both said in unison with gleaming eyes.

“I already did that”, she replied to their amusement.

“Hail, medical advancements!” both chorused, extremely elated about the new arrival in their family and to their daughter who delivered it casually.

More importantly – Safely! Painlessly!

A Crappy Mom’s Note – 

This is about my own labor and delivery experience. I thought of putting it across in a casual, story format than bombard readers with information.

Getting epidural administered for painless delivery was a well-thought, informed, collective decision with my medical practitioner and family. Above all – myself!

It is just my personal experience. I am not advocating nor advertising nor advising nor influencing anything through this. If you liked the content, the way it was put across – do let me know by way of your comments. It would definitely help me horne my story-writing skills. Please refrain from any kind of advice or negative comments. All comments are moderated!


  1. I am not a mother yet…But, I really like the way you put across every single thing . Your attention to detail is amazing!!!
    keep writing… i can imagine the phase you have come across….But- Darsh’s smile is worth all pain and waiting… 🙂 🙂


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