Real Mums #4 – Up Close With Nisha Tiwari

Hey all…

Time to get up-close with another “real mum” this Friday night! What are all your plans for the upcoming weekend, mommies? 🙂

This time its, Nisha Tiwari who is sharing her personal experience being a mum in this space today.

How did you find out about your pregnancy and how did your partner react to it?

We were  actually planning for a baby and trying for it. When I missed my periods I had an intuition. I searched for the symptoms in Google and it matched with mine. Then I tested with a  home pregnancy test kit. My husband reaction was neutral. The same day we went to a gynaec and confirmed about my pregnancy! 😀

What foods did you crave during your pregnancy?

Oh, its a long list. But yeah since I love South Indian food, I ate lot of idlis with sambar, almost every day. And with a pregnant colleague I used to eat Parotta-Kurma from road side shops. This is still a secret to my husband 😀

What has been the best experience in your pregnancy?

The monthly visits to the doc, the new things I find each time about the baby inside, the kicks which I felt inside my tummy, the food cravings and people around me trying to make me feel comfortable – I loved all of this! Especially at office, I realized that mostly it was the male colleagues who were more caring and helpful than the female ones. The way they get up to give you a seat when the meeting room is packed,etc. The guy who used sit next to me was a bachelor and he always used to find me the most comfortable chairs to sit when I reached office daily.

Any bad experience you recall from your pregnancy?

Being a working woman, I longed for some rest when I come home daily from office. Coming back home, then cooking & cleaning was so irritating & tough for me during pregnancy! 😦

What did you become extra careful about?

I was extra careful about not taking any medicines without consulting my gynaec.

What aspects of your old life do/did you miss – being pregnant or being a parent?

The freedom of taking things for granted. I cannot stay late in office, I cannot go for a full day outing or to movies which I miss sometimes terribly!

How do/did like your bump? You think you look sexier with one?

I used to feel proud about my bump, that I am going to be a mother.

What has been your favorite way to relax?

Sitting down, having some hot coffee and watching tv or reading a glossy alone at home.

How do you think pregnancy/parenting has changed you as an individual?

Yes –  I now understand what is selfless love and commitment towards someone else. I feel responsible for the well-being of my kid.


How do you think pregnancy/parenting has changed you as a couple?

Earlier we had a carefree life, but now we are more responsible. Also whenever we make plans we consider the kid’s comfort the most.

Was your partner with you during labor?

No, it  is still now not a practice in my place.

Do you discuss parenting with your partner?

Yes, very much! 🙂

What is the most memorable thing your partner did for you when you were pregnant?

I used to feel like eating different food items and sometimes my husband used to go out to get them immediately for me, when I demand for it. 😀

What is your 2 cents to expecting mums/new parents out there?

Pregnancy is a wonderful period, so work towards it. Don’t be idle and think that you should not do any physical activities. Pregnancy is not a disease. God has given strength to do all the normal activities during pregnancy. Another thing is that I hear lot of superstitions like don’t eat papaya, don’t go to beauty parlors. All are just rubbish. Discuss your fears with your gynaec and follow what she/he suggests.

What kind of support system you had during your tough times?

My father has been my biggest support. Had he been not there, I would not have been able to continue working after my baby arrived in this world. He was always there, since we couldn’t trust and leave our baby alone with the maid or someone else.

A Crappy Mom says – 

Nisha is a new found friend for me in this blogging world. We chat & discuss about various stuff (mostly crazy) almost every day.  I am glad that I met her online & definitely looking forward to meet her & her 3 yr. old daughter, Chinnu – personally soon! 🙂

Nisha owns & blogs at Makeup & Food.


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