The Chicken Pox Blue Book Vol. 2 – Indian Diet for Chicken Pox

One of the important things to look after, when you pick any disease or disorder is – DIET!

What you intake matters most not only to help with immunity, but also to give vital strength when your body is battling with the disease.

Three most important things when you get infected with chicken pox are – Proper Diet, Cleanliness & Good ventilation.

There are not many posts on the Internet, that talk about what to eat when you have chicken pox for the Indians! Hope this one helps…

Important: Whatever you eat should be in the room temperature. Do not eat or drink both cold or hot!


Drink loads of water. Dehydration is one of the important issues with chicken pox in adults! Make sure the water is boiled & cooled down to room temperature.

Do not share your glass or water bottle with anybody.


This is the most common diet followed both abroad & here. BRAT for Banana-Rice-Apple-Toast!

Banana is packed with carbs and other essential nutrients. The sweet taste of both banana & apple seem inviting to the tongue, when you have that bitter taste in your mouth due to fever & anti-virals/antibiotic intake.

brat diet

Rice is considered to be cooling on the body & also gets digested easily, when your body’s systems are on a slow track.

Plain toast without butter, jam or ghee also digests easily. You might want to spread some honey on the toast to make it taste better.


Steam broken wheat/wheat rava with 3 times water in a pressure cooker. Store it in an airtight container. Mix it with some curd-salt or milk-sugar, whenever you want to eat.

Broken wheat is another healthy food option with essential micro-nutrients & fibre content. You can add some chopped veggies like carrot, tomatoes & capsicum when steaming the wheat rava with some salt & have like an upma.. ideal for breakfast!


Definitely increase your fruit intake when you have chicken pox. As mentioned, your body has to fight out the disease and kill the virus!

Its your duty to supplement yourself with nourishing food… take soft fruits like grapes, bananas, apples, melons, etc. directly.

You might have blisters in your mouth & throat making intake of pomegranate or oranges painful. Make milkshakes or juices out of these fruits and keep drinking frequenty.


Boiled vegetables are the best since there is no oil involved in their cooking. Ideal ones are boiled cabbage, carrot, sweet potato, potato, beans, etc.

Save the vegetable stock from boiling these veggies – make some stew or clear soup out of them and have in regular intervals.



Strictly no oil or spices in your food. Not even the least of red chilli powder for some flavor – the blisters in your mouth & throat can itch & burn.

The digestive system is generally slow & you might not feel like eating anything at all, in the first few days of chicken pox. Hence no oil, to avoid nausea & vomitting plus simple foods without fat digest quick, causing no acidity issues.

You might want to add very little, say again very little ghee instead!

8. RAGI 

Ragi – the finger millet, is loaded with calcium & fibre content. It is hypo-glycemic in nature as well.

Keep some ragi flour handy. You can make ragi dosa, ragi malt, ragi porridge, ragi idli, ragi balls out of it in a moments notice without oil! 🙂



Have a glass of tender coconut water first thing in the morning! Its again loaded with vital vitamins & minerals, zero on the calories scale, has a cooling impact on the body & boosts immunity.

The purest form of water you can get on earth – keep drinking this throughout the day to keep acidity at bay as well.


10. CURD

Take in good amount of curd throughout the day. Not only does curd provide calcium & probiotics, its good for healing the skin as well.

You can drink loads of buttermilk as well over the day, to keep yourself hydrated.


Good to avoid meat and eggs while having chicken pox. They are fatty in nature & cannot be easily digested by the body.


Take a cup of dal with both lunch & dinner. Just boil some toor or moong dal with tomatoes & salt. You may or may not want to add a pinch of turmeric. Garnish with fresh coriander leaves and take like a soup.

Hope this post helped with your questions to good extent, on what to eat when down with chicken pox! Do share in other food stuffs that you think is good for chicken pox in the comments section…

Keep following “The Chicken Pox Blue Book” for more information on the same… 🙂

– A Crappy Mom!


  1. The information on this webpage is very useful for those who are ignorant about diet to be taken during chicken pox. I am now confident that I would be able to help my son who is 18 years old fight chicken pox with ease.


  2. What is this! I don’t what this writer has written.I other links I got that we should not eat milk and dairy products it makes our body oily.It is said that we should eat egg.Could you please explain?


  3. A very useful website and knowledge given here is very helpful,your suggestions have helped me in taking care of my daughter with chickenpox


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