Checklist Mania – 10 Newborn Must Haves

I am sure you have been shopping like crazy off late for your to-be born or just born! I have been there, done that! 🙂

At some times, hubby wondered & exclaimed – “Does a newborn really need all these?”

Well… the answer is yes & no!

Being a new parent you would want to give this world to your kiddo.. at the same time you need to draw a line as to what all a baby “actually needs” Vs. “it might need”.

So, here is an article to help you out with the MUST-HAVES in the middle of all “NICE-TO-HAVES”……


Convenient while breastfeeding the baby & also to support the baby until their head stands firm. Offers comfort to the baby when held across your hands folded.



These are the best & most important thing. These not only avoid the baby feeling wet by absorbing all the pee, but also serve as an excellent mattress protector. Come in various sizes & colors. They look great & feel soft too. And washable in the machine as well! 🙂

I picked mine from Me & Moms outlet.



You need atleast one of this to use it whenever you are changing the diaper or when the baby is poo-ing. Ideal to have one in your diaper bag as well.

diaper changing sheet


These come in a variety of shapes & sizes, with cushiony support. You need this if you are bathing the baby on your own.


In India, most families hire a nanny who massages the baby, bathes & dresses them up as well. These nannies are usually elderly or experienced woman in handling just borns, and usually stretch their leg frontwards & lay down the baby on their legs and  bathe them. In that case, you might or might not need one.

Here is a reference pic (a daddy bathing his baby)…



Most babies go crazy when they are hungry or need to have a nipple in their mouth to put them to sleep. A pacifier comes handy in these cases. A lot of fancy pacifiers have come up these days, that soothe the baby’s gum as well.

Baby with Pacifier


Essential as to not disturb the baby if you want to feed it in the night. A handy light that can be kept near the dresser or on the bed to use in case of emergencies.

foldable light

I picked the above one from Flipkart.


Its good to have a medicine cabinet when you have a newborn at home. Check with your doctor as to what all you might need in case of emergency & keep them all ready at one place in your home.

med kit

Important stuff includes –

– Paracetamol drops in case the baby picks up fever after vaccination.

–  A bulb to remove mucus (your hospital might give you one)

– Nasal drops to clear nasal congestion

–  Vitamin D drops (The only vitamin not present in breast milk!)

Though not related to medicine,  I would also include – a nail filer/clipper, a medicine dropper, a small measuring cup, etc.

Baby medicine kits are available to be purchased readily on various online shopping portals as well.


This is a no-brainer! There are a variety of baby thermometers available these days – one that you can plug in the ear & other one just needs a swipe over the forehead! 🙂

Pick one that suits your need & budget, but keep in mind that this one is absolutely essential.



If you have to leave the baby with someone else for sometime, you will find these god-sent. You can extract your milk, store them in the refrigerator which can be fed to the baby upto next 24 hrs. (according to my lactation consultant).

Electric Breast Pump 1

Even if you are always with the baby, it will be useful in case of sore nipples or breast engorgement. Would suggest to opt for electric breast pumps. Shall try doing a detailed post on breast pumps as well.


Some babies like to be swaddled to sleep. Some moms find these useful to feed fussy babies. These also keep your baby warm & gives them an atmosphere like they had inside your womb.

There are varieties that come with velcro, which can pack up your baby like a sleep bag.  Convenient to carry around tender newborn as well in it.


Hope this list has all the essentials listed… Do you think something else must also go to this list? Do let know via the comments section…

P.S. – I do not own any of these images. Please let me know if you want me to take them down.


– A Crappy Mom!


  1. Oh man, thank you SO much for writing this. I have been looking for a list like this, with unbiased opinions and hands on experience. Love the baby bathtubs, I got one as a gift and can’t wait to use it when he/she is here!


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