Diaper Rash – A Vicious Cycle

Diaper or nappy rash is one major concern among all moms with infants.

The skin of infants is physiologically different from that of older children and adults in terms of structure, composition and function.

A baby’s stratum corneum (outer skin layer)  is about 30% thinner than adult skin. This makes baby skin vulnerable for at least the first year of life.

If not properly cared for, the skin may be susceptible to diaper rash and other skin infections frequently.


Do you know how diaper rashes are actually caused?

Diaper rash is caused by the cycle of skin barrier disruption, irritation and inflammation.

To know how you can reduce the chances of your baby suffering from diaper rash, its important for every mum to understand this vicious, repetitive cycle.


Primary irritation is caused by increased moisture, urine, faeces and friction. This results in releasing a certain category of proteins by the baby’s body, generating an inflammatory response.


The excessive moisture under a diaper can lead to increased enzyme activity, which further weakens the skin barrier, making the skin prone to irritation and inflammation.


Exposure of urine to faecal microbes leads to its degradation to ammonia, rising alkaline and pH levels, which in turn leads to further skin barrier disruption.


Bacteria and fungi can colonize the skin barrier very easily due to disruption, which causes additional irritation and infection, ultimately leading to rashes.

I have tried to put this cycle as a pictorial representation below –


Diaper rash can be prevented through proper skin care and the use of right baby products.

Baby skincare wipes & diaper rash creams are abundant in today’s market. Proper use of these can help prevent or fight infection very well.


If you have very old or elderly people in your house, who are ignorant of today’s world – they might tell you baby wipes are just a marketing gimmick! 🙂

Actually, baby wipes are made of special fabric that minimize friction with your baby’s skin.

Most baby wipes come with baby lotion in them, that moisturizes the baby’s skin as well, so that the delicate skin does not become dry with frequent wiping.

Choose one that is fragrance-free and alcohol-free too.

As with anything else – over use of anything can be detrimental to your baby’s skin!

These are ideal to be used on all parts of the baby’s body except near their eyes. They leave the skin refreshed as well – that is why most ladies prefer baby wet wipes for some quick makeup removal.

Healthy skin is your baby’s first line of defence against infection and inflammation.


Diaper rash creams soothe the inflammed skin and reduce irritation. They act against the microbes present on the skin thereby helping to reduce infection.

They also help to restore the pH balance of the skin,aiding in restoring baby’s skin regeneration.

You can apply a diaper rash cream daily before putting on the diaper to prevent rashes popping up.

Also care is to be taken to regularly change diapers to avoid not just nappy rashes, but also urinary tract infection & also let the skin breathe.

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