I Am – Crappy Mom!

Hey all..

You all know me as the face of my beauty blog – Health n Beauty and food blog – Red Paprikaz.

But I am a newbie mom too.. the crappiest on earth!

My precious little one is close to 4 months old now.. and each day has come & gone with a big learning curve for me till date!

So, I am here blogging about my journey of being a crappy mom… hoping to become a better one by the days to come..

This blog is not bound by any rules as to its content… I am gonna write to my heart’s fill about whatever I wanna blah-blah in this space about me & my baby.. for all the mothers & babies out there! 😀

I have to take a moment to thank Preetha Karthik, Owner of Indian Beauty Journal & Hello Sunshine blogs – to have given me the spark to start a momma-baby space of mine in this virtual world.

So, why not start off with some lovely momma quotes for the first post here –








Cya soon.. with some interesting posts here in this blog! 😀


  1. This should be fun. I should have probably started something like this when I became a mom. Oh well, I’ll relive those wonder years through your blog posts 🙂


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